Active Directory Inventory Management Software

Lansweeper has true Active Directory integration by pulling in AD details and querying your domain controllers.
  • Agent free scanning
  • Unlimited clients
  • Active Directory user and computer scanning

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Scan multiple domains and Organizational Units

Active Scanning supports a limitless number of domains from which it retrieves both computer and user information. OU filtering and domain controller site filtering are available if you wish to limit scanning to certain network areas. After scanning you will have an overview of Active Directory information available for all kinds of management.

Scan computers as they come online

Active Scanning scans (or rescans) your domain computers as they come online. This ensures up-to-date computer records at all times. Using the Lansweeper Ultimate license you can even have multiple scanning servers working together to scan one or more domains. Lansweeper can handle complex network setups with remote locations. Adding more locations over time is as easy as editing the scanning methods or installing an additional scanning server.

Track user logons

Users are scanned as they log into a machine. A history is kept of all user logins which enables you to determine who used which machine and when. Add your user pictures to the web console to make employees easily identifiable.

Create active directory reports

Lansweeper will help you manage active directory by providing reports on a variety of AD user and computer details. Use a number of built-in reports to track down incomplete AD records or build your own reports from scratch.
Powered by SQL, the Lansweeper report builder provides you with the necessary tools for flexible and customizable reporting.

Automatically purge obsolete records

Decommissioned some hardware? Cleanup options are available to automatically delete records from your database or set computers to non-active if they have been disabled or removed in active directory. Similar cleanup options are available for users as well.